Saturday’s Piece

Here’s a health to all those that we love,
Here’s a health to all those that love us
Here’s a health to all those that love them – that love those – that love them – that love those – that love us.
(Anonymous Toast quote)

John Lentell
22nd December, 1970

Friday’s Piece

Running into her former suitor at a party, a girl decided to snub him.
“So sorry,” she murmured when the hostess introduced him, “but I didn’t get the name.”
“I know you didn’t,” said the unabashed ex suitor, “but you certainly tried hard enough.”

John Lentell
21st December, 1970

Thursday’s Piece

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle used to tell how he sent a telegram to each of twelve friends, all men of great virtue and reputation and of considerable position in society. The message was worded, “Fly at once, all is discovered.”
Within twenty-four hours, the story goes, all twelve had left the country.

John Lentell
19th December, 1970

Arthur Conan Doyle
arthur conan doyle

Wednesday’s Piece

Humour is odd, grotesque, and wild,
Only by affectation spoil’d;
‘Tis never by invention got,
Men have it when they know it or not.
(Jonathan Swift, 1667 – 1745)

John Lentell
18th December, 1970


Tuesday’s Piece

There was a young lady of Riga,
Who rode with a smile on a tiger;
They returned from the ride
With the Lady inside,
And the smile on the face of the tiger.

John Lentell
17th December, 1970

Sunday’s Piece

To the rapturous, wild and ineffable pleasure
Of drinking at somebody else’s expense.
(Henry Sambrooke Leigh, 1837 – 1883)

John Lentell
15th December, 1970

Henry Sambrooke Leigh