Tuesday’s Piece

“After having received a lesson on government a child wrote the following:

‘An Absolute Monarchy is when He does as He likes;

a Limited Monarchy is when He don’t do as He likes;

a Republic is when He don’t do nothing at all.’ ”

(From the Boy’s Own Paper, 18th April 1903)

John Lentell

11th November, 1970

boys own paper 1945


Monday’s Piece

“Trains that day were running late, but presently one appeared, and Joad opened a door. ‘Sorry Sir,’ shouted a porter, ‘but this train doesn’t stop here.’

‘And I’m not getting in’, riposted the philosopher, closing the door behind him.”

(C.E.M Joad, 1891 – 1953)

John Lentell

10th November, 1970


Saturday’s Piece

“No distance breaks the tie of blood:

Brothers are brothers evermore”

(John Keble, 1792 – 1866)

John Lentell

9th November, 1970


Friday’s Piece

“I consider the education of our senses and our emotions rather more important than the education of our ideas.”

(From The Importance of Living by Lin Yutang, 1895 – 1976)

John Lentell

21st September, 1970


Thursday’s Piece

“Have more than thou showest,

Speak less than thou knowest,

Lend less than thou owest.”

(‘King Lear’ – William Shakespeare, 1564 – 1616)

John Lentell

4th september, 1970

Shakespeare 1

Wednesday’s Piece

“Yet what does the embarrassment of others matter if a conviction of truth and justice demands the courage of the individual to express his conviction by words of actions?”

(‘On Moral Courage’ – Compton Mackenzie, 1883 – 1972)

John Lentell

3rd September, 1970


Tuesday’s Piece

“An optimist is the fellow who fell out of the 20th story window of a skyscraper and as he passed the fourth floor said ‘so far so good’.”

(Of unknown origin from the 1920s)

John Lentell

2nd September, 1970