Sunday’s Piece

Everyone (friend and foe alike!) seems pleasurably surprised when they visit either our shop at C.A.B.S. Basement First Street or our factory at the Industrial Sites. We welcome visitors to the factory – it is a quick run from town. Ring 23673 for directions and bring that broken chair in the garage with you.

John Lentell – Barum & Sarum

December 14th, 1967

Saturday’s Piece

We are not selling as much as we ought at C.A.B.S. Basement First Street but (heaven be praised!) it does attract a lot of furniture repair, renovation and re-upholstery work. There is something funny about basements in Salisbury as former tenants and C.A.B.S. would readily testify – funny peculiar not funny ha! ha! The repair orders could be because we seem to be the only people offering on a factory scale woodwork and upholstery repairs combined.

John Lentell – Barum & Sarum

December 13th, 1967

Friday’s Piece

“Tom died – as other Toms must die.

Tom lied – as other Toms may lie –

Tom squall’d – as other Toms do squall –

Tom was of “Barum’s vale” the pride –

Tom lived a “Goose” – a “Goose” he died.

(Tim Vortex)

(Barum is the Latin word for Barnstaple in North Devon – founded as a Borough in 930 and claimed as England’s oldest Borough. It celebrated its Millenary in 1930).

Barum & Sarum

December 12th, 1967

Thursday’s Piece

We have to move sometime in the New Year – when our tenancy at C.A.B.S. basement expires. we are looking for extraordinary premises to suit our extraordinary business. Shopocracy comes to Salisbury! Suggestions would be welcomed – to John Lentell at 23673 (factory).

Barum & Sarum

December 11th, 1967

Wednesday’s Piece

It won’t sell much of our ‘pickled furniture’, but we like it –

“When you were a tadpole, and I was a fish,

In the Palaeozoic time,

And side by side in the ebbing tide

We sprawled through the ooze and slime”.

(A toast to a Lady – Langdon Smith, 1858-1918)

Barum & Sarum

December 10th, 1967