Monday’s Piece

Here lies a lawyer,
Laugh, if you will,
In mercy, kind Providence
Let him lie still.

He lied for his living,
He lived while he lied.
When he couldn’t lie longer,
He lied down and died.

(A Lawyer’s Epitaph – Anonymous)

John Lentell
Rhodesia Herald
23rd July, 1971

Tuesday’s Piece

I ain’t never done nothin’ to nobody;
I ain’t never got nothin’ from nobody;
And until I get somethin’ from somebody, sometime,
I don’t intend to do nothin’ for nobody, no time.

(From Nobody, song lyrics by Alex Rogers, 1905)

John Lentell
Rhodesia Herald
17th July, 1971

Wednesday’s Piece

And lonely,
So tired
The heart aches.
Meltwater trickles
Down the rocks,
The fingers are numb,
The knees tremble.
It is now,
Now, that you must not give in.

(Dag Hammarskjöld, 1905 -1961)

John Lentell
Rhodesia Herald
13th July, 1971