Tuesday’s Piece

“…..this Association (Salisbury Municipal Employees’ Association) is in no way connected with any political party….There must be many members who will have good reason to seriously consider supporting Mr. R. James.”

(Mrs M.W. Beaton, Secretary, S.M.E.A. in letter to Rhodesia Herald – 6/3/70)

John Lentell

8th March, 1970

Sunday’s Piece

“The ordinary man…..has been spending his life for the last couple of generations in this will-o’the-wisp pursuit of power, trying to get his hands on the levers of big policy, and trying to find out where it is, and how it was that his life was shaped for him by somebody else.”

(Aneurin Bevan, 1897 – 1960)

John Lentell

6th March, 1970

Saturday’s Piece

“So many people presume to know God and what God approves and God disapproves that it is impossible to take up this subject without opening oneself to attack as sacrilegious by some and as a prophet by others.”

(From The Importance of Living by Lin Yutang, 1895 – 1976)

John Lentell

5th March, 1970

Friday’s Piece

“Can Mr Gaunt really believe, as he has indicated in a recent article, that the ‘intelligent and healthy’ Rhodesian young, after going abroad to ‘see how the rest of the world lives’, will find it inspiring to return and live in the insular, humourless and smug society which white Rhodesia has now become?”

(Letter to Rhodesia Herald – March 2nd)

John Lentell

4th March, 1970