Monday’s Piece

An “Anatomy of Rhodesia’ really would be a ‘best-seller’. One important question it might attempt to answer is that of the location and division of political and economic power – and/or decide if they are one and the same? Upon the answers to these questions depends the retention or otherwise of our very precious Rhodesian identity and a future in or out of the Republic of South Africa. That is what it really is all about and as someone said the other day in the Rhodesia Herald – “in about 1973 a sadder and wiser Rhodesia will go to the referendum polls with no option, for economic and security reasons, but to reverse the 1923 decision”.

John Lentell

1st July, 1969

Wednesday’s Piece


It si apparent that the Rhodesian Front have absolute confidence in the their ability to secure a ‘Yes’ vote because the Constitutional Proposals are of such an awful, revolutionary and un-Rhodesian nature that they would not wish to entrust them to the care of any other party. This confidence, this arrogance, can only stem from the unscrupulous use of the enormous power they already have – not least the control of radio and television.

John Lentell

19th June, 1969

Tuesday’s Piece

I hardly know what to say. I am exhausted by the soul-destroying effort to convey to a wide intelligent readership a second-to-none love of Rhodesia. A love underwritten by costly practical and material acts.  I urge the rejection of this ghastly piece of white paper and its Constitutional Proposals. They are immoral, impractical and, above all, un-Rhodesian. It seems like a nightmare from which one hopes to wake and yet there is this black despair and I, for one, know that if Rhodesia should choose to follow this awful path, then, for me and my family and for thousands of ordinary men and women like us, there is no future here. The astounding features of the exercise are the extent to which good men remain silent and the extent to which one single man appears to hold sway over party and passions – seemingly deaf to all but his voice.

John Lentell

17th June, 1969