Sunday’s Piece

“I hope you are not afraid of microbes’ apologised the paying teller as he cashed the school teacher’s cheque with soiled notes. “Don’t worry,” said the young lady, “a microbe couldn’t live on my salary.”

John Lentell

13th November, 1970

Tuesday’s Piece

“After having received a lesson on government a child wrote the following:

‘An Absolute Monarchy is when He does as He likes;

a Limited Monarchy is when He don’t do as He likes;

a Republic is when He don’t do nothing at all.’ ”

(From the Boy’s Own Paper, 18th April 1903)

John Lentell

11th November, 1970

boys own paper 1945


Monday’s Piece

“Trains that day were running late, but presently one appeared, and Joad opened a door. ‘Sorry Sir,’ shouted a porter, ‘but this train doesn’t stop here.’

‘And I’m not getting in’, riposted the philosopher, closing the door behind him.”

(C.E.M Joad, 1891 – 1953)

John Lentell

10th November, 1970