Sunday’s Piece

“The dishonesty of some writers – and of some editors who buy their nonsense, knowing it to be nonsense – is truly breathtaking.”

(From Spy; twenty years in Soviet secret service by Gordon Lonsdale – Konon Trofimovich Molody, 1922 – 1970)

John Lentell

19th August, 1970

konon molody


Saturday’s Piece

“I have tried, too, in my time to be a philosopher; but I don’t know how, cheerfulness was always breaking in.”

(Oliver Edwards in Boswell’s Life of Samuel Johnson, 1791)

John Lentell

18th August, 1970



Thursday’s Piece

“As for doing good; that is one of the professions which is full. Moreover, I have tried it fairly, and strange as it may seem, am satisfied that it does not agree with my constitution.”

(Henry David Thoreau, 1817 – 1862)

John Lentell

16th August, 1970


Tuesday’s Piece

” ‘Thou shalt not cheat thyself’ ought to be the first of all commandments. The ability to obey it is in direct proportion to the ability of being honest with others.”

(From On Aggression by Konrad Lorenz, 1903 – 1989)

John Lentell

14th August, 1970