Wednesday’s Piece

“……the rebels and innovators….in a smaller tribal community, would be subjected to much greater cohesive forces. They would be flattened by the demands of conformity.”

(Desmond Morris, 1928 – )

John Lentell

14th April, 1970

Sunday’s Piece

“I don’t set up to be no judge of right and wrong in men,

I’ve lost the trail sometimes myself an’ may get lost again;

An’ when I see a chap who looks as though he’d gone astray,

I want to shove my hand in his an’ help him find the way.”

(J.A. Foley)

John Lentell

10th April, 1970

Saturday’s Piece

“There are many isms today to perplex us – Nazism, communism, fascism and so forth – but most of them will cancel each other out. There is only one ism which kills the soul and that is pessimism.”

(Lord Tweedsmuir, 1875 – 1940)

John Lentell

9th April, 1970