Monday’s Piece

There is a holy mistaken zeal in politics as well as in religion. By persuading others we convince ourselves.


John Lentell
Rhodesia Herald
11th July, 1971

Friday’s Piece

O grant me, heaven, a middle state,
Neither too humble nor too great;
More than enough, for nature’s ends,
With something left to treat my friends.

(David Mallet, 1705 – 1765)

John Lentell
Rhodesia Herald
8th July, 1971

Thursday’s Piece

A glass of port in his hand and a fat cigar in his mouth, with a huge and bloody red steak which he puts in his mouth in big chunks, and chew and chatters and smokes until the blood trickles down his chin – and to think this monster comes of a good family.

(Goebbels‘ picture of Winston Churchill on the Front Bench of the House of Commons, 1943)

John Lentell
Rhodesia Herald
7th July, 1971


Tuesday’s Piece

So Geographers, in Afric-maps
With Savage-Pictures fill their Gaps;
And o’er uninhabitable Downs
Place Elephants for want of Towns.

(Jonathan Swift, 1667-1745)

John Lentell
Rhodesia Herald
5th July, 1971