Tuesday’s Piece

“…..the prime minister, like the cabinet, is constantly having things done to him – by America, Russia, the TUC, the Opposition, and even his own colleagues, which spoil any pattern he may be devising, and provide further muddle.”

(Anthony Sampson, 1926 – 2004)

John Lentell

9th February, 1970

Monday’s Piece

“There are still many things I cannot understand and many things that frighten me. And I know that I still have a very long way to go. I have had experiences that make me doubt, and even tempt me to cynicism so that I attempt, for days altogether, to leave God out of my life. How bleak and dreary, how lonely and miserable they are!”

(From The Christian Agnostic by Leslie Weatherhead, 1893 – 1976)

John Lentell

8th February, 1970

Sunday’s Piece

“The sense of original sin would show….not that man was fallen from a high estate, but that he was rising in moral culture with more rapidity than the nature of his race could follow.”

(Sir Francis Galton, 1822 – 1911)

John Lentell

7th February, 1970

Saturday’s Piece

“….human love is a holy thing, the holiest in our experience…..love, created by time and experience….invincible against the disillusionments of the years. I had always found it difficult to understand the readiness with which some middle-aged couples divorced each other, and thereby cast away the accumulated treasures of their past.”

(From ‘Testament of Experience’ by Vera Brittain, 1893 – 1970)

John Lentell

6th February, 1970

Friday’s Piece

“Every acre……of the globe, demands thought before its biological and visual relations are altered.”

(Fraser Darling,

“Many ecologists are certain that without this loving guardianship we shall ravage our planet and crash down into a new Dark Age.”

(Gerald Leach, Science Correspondent, The Observer)

John Lentell

5th February, 1970