Friday’s Piece

“They have such refined an delicate palates

That they can discover no one worthy of their ballots,

And then when someone terrible gets elected

They say, There, that’s just what I expected!”

(Ogden Nash, 1902 – 1971)

John Lentell

23rd May, 1969

Wednesday’s Piece

“It is very difficult to divorce the Head of the Executive in any country from the chief responsibility for the conduct of the war……”

(Winston Churchill, 1874 – 1965)

John Lentell

21st May, 1969

Tuesday’s Piece

“I had noticed ……. how carefully Sir Edward Grey lied in order to prevent the public from knowing ……. I naively imagined that when the public discovered how he had lied to them, they would be annoyed; instead of which, they were grateful to him for having spared them the moral responsibility.”

(From The Autobiography of Bertrand Russell by Bertrand Russell, 1872 – 1970)

John Lentell

13th May, 1969

Monday’s Piece

A clerk in a London town hall was going through a pile of forms that had been sent in.

In the part marked “Do not write in this space”, one householder had written: “I protest against this infringement of personal liberty – please note I shall write where I jolly well please.”

John Lentell

12th May, 1969

Saturday’s Piece

According to the Swedish Sales and Publicity Association, advertisements printed on the left-hand pages of newspapers and periodicals have a bigger pulling power than those on the right-hand side.

John Lentell

10th May, 1969

Thursday’s Piece

“I have heard of a man who had a mind to sell his house,  and therefore carried a piece of brick in his pocket, which he showed as a pattern to encourage purchasers.”

(a Href=””>Jonathan Swift, 1667 – 1745)

John Lentell

7th May, 1969

Monday’s Piece

“What clearly is in train, however, is a rapid trend towards the exaltation of the executive (both cabinet ministers and civil servants) at the expense of the House of Commons.”

(The Economist, 1960)

John Lentell

9th May, 1969

Sunday’s Piece

“Love one another, but make not a bond of love,

Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls.

Fill each other’s cup but drink not from one cup.”

(From The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran, 1883 – 1931)

John Lentell

4th May, 1969