Thursday’s Piece

“One of Queen Victoria’s grandsons wrote asking her for money. She replied – not enclosing any money but warning against the consequences of forming extravagant habits in early youth. Whereupon he replied ‘Dearest Grandma – I received your letter and hope you do not think that I was disappointed because you could not send me the money. It was very kind of you to give me the good advice, and I sold your letter for forty pounds, ten shillings.'”

(Reminiscences by Sir Henry Luey)

John Lentell

14th July, 1970


Tuesday’s Piece

“All the following advice presupposes that whoever faces catastrophe takes a deep breath and makes up his mind to have a really determined go to beat the odds at all costs.”

(Forward to The Book of Survival by Anthony Greenbank, pub 1968)

John Lentell

12th July, 1970

Monday’s Piece

“Of all the institutions in our inordinately complacent society, none is so addicted as the press to self-righteousness, self-satisfaction and self-congratulation.”

(A.H. Raskin, 1934-1977)

John Lentell

11th July, 1970

ah raskin

Sunday’s Piece

“Dear Mr. Lentell,

You do write the most stupid rubbish that we have ever read. All this ‘unRhodesian’ which you keep writing about, what is so special about Rhodesia?



(Part of an anonymous letter)

John Lentell

10th July, 1970

Friday’s Piece

“Dear Mr. Lentell,

Having heard people discussing your ‘pieces’ in the paper, I find they are all wondering what the motive is behind your putting them in. Is it to convey truth? Is it to amuse, or is it to satisfy your ego and to let you feel that 50,000 readers, or more, of the Herald, are not reading the ‘piece’, but looking at the name of John Lentell?

To prove the point is not the latter, I challenge you to put in the ‘pieces’ without your name below them.

Yours sincerely,


(Anonymous letter – 15th Oct, 1968)

John Lentell

8th July, 1970