Thursday’s Piece

“Parents represent the last stand of the amateur. Every other trade and profession has developed standards, has required study and practise and licensing before releasing the student into his work….Only one profession remains untutored and untrained – the bearing and rearing of our children.”

(Evelyn Millis Duvall)

John Lentell

3rd September, 1969

Monday’s Piece

“Give me the liberty to know, to utter, and to argue freely according to conscience, above all liberties.”

(From Areopagitica, a speech by John Milton, 1608 – 1674)

There are things happening in Rhodesia which have nothing to do with Communism but everything to do with the fundamental rights of the man in the street and it is the man in the street who must get up off his backside and do something.

John Lentell

30th August, 1969

Friday’s Piece

Henry Irving getting into a hansom cab said to the cabby, ‘Drive me home.’

‘Yes, sir,’ replied the cabby, ‘what address?’

‘Why should I tell the address of my beautiful home to a common fellow like you?’ replied Irving.”

John Lentell

27th August, 1969

Sunday’s Piece

“….The earth is nobler than the world we have built upon it;
The earth is long-suffering, solid, fruitful;
The world still shifting, dark, half-evil.
But what have I done that I should have a better world,
Even though there is in me something that will not rest
Until it sees Paradise….?”

(Second half of quotation… Johnson in ‘Johnson over Jordan‘ by J.B. Priestly, 1894 – 1984)

John Lentell

21st August, 1969

Saturday’s Piece

“I have been a foolish, greedy and ignorant man;

Yet I have had my time beneath the sun and the stars;

I have known the returning strength and sweetness of the seasons.

Blossom on the branch and the ripening of the fruit,

The deep rest of the grass, the salt of the sea,

The frozen ecstasy of mountains…..”

(First half of quotation… Johnson in ‘Johnson over Jordan‘ by J.B. Priestly, 1894 – 1984)

John Lentell

20th August, 1969

Friday’s Piece

“It is not good for all your wishes to be fulfilled: through sickness you recognise the value of health, through evil the value of good, through hunger the value of satisfaction, through exertion the value of rest.”

(Heraclitus, 535 – 475 BC)

John Lentell

19th August, 1969

Thursday’s Piece

“We are all falling. This hand’s falling too –

all have this falling sickness none withstands.

And yet there’s always One whose gentle hands

this universal feeling falling can’t fall through.”

(From Autumn by Rainer Maria Rilke, 1875 – 1926)

John Lentell

17th August, 1969

Wednesday’s Piece

“My colleagues of the Film Division of the Ministry of Information were as nice a bunch of boys and girls as ever were corduroy. I suppose most of them earned their livings before the war, but I cannot for the life of me imagine how.”

(From Clean, Bright and Slightly Oiled by Gerald Kersh, 1911 – 1968)

John Lentell

16th August, 1969

Monday’s Piece

“True glory lies in noble deeds, and in the recognition, alike by leading men and by the nation at large, of valuable services rendered to the State.”

(From the Philippicae by Cicero, 106 BC to 43 BC)

John Lentell

14th August, 1969

Sunday’s Piece

(It doesn’t accurately describe Salisbury but no harm in hoping!)

“Her woman fair; her men robust for toil;

Her vigorous souls, high cultured as her soil;

Her towns, where civic independence flings

The gauntlet down to senates, courts and kings.”

(Thomas Campbell, 1777 – 1844)

John Lentell

13th August, 1969

Saturday’s Piece

“Shall Sarum always crouch beneath

Some Boroughmonger’s rod?

Or shall we still subservient be

To petty tyrant’s nod?

Indignantly forbit it all,

Forbid it, hearts so true,

And shew us, at your country’s call,

What Sarumites can do.

We’ve scorned corruption – scorn’d to bend

At Baa’ls shrine the knee;

We’ll quell opression in her might;

We’ve sworn we will be free.

The great, the good, throughout the land,

Extol the deeds we’ve done,

And call us to complete the work

We’ve gallantly begun.

Then rise, Reformers, Sarum’s friends!

Stand forth, ye tried and true,

And show us, at your city’s call,

What Sarum’s men can do.”

(In imitation of New Cornish Reform Song – “One and All”)

John Lentell

12th August, 1969