Sunday’s Piece


Like all Man’s pleasures, when they first begin,

Tea was a mischief, and almost a sin.

Doctors, and clergy, turned their noses up –

‘A filthy custom’ was the Pekoe cup.


(From ‘Twinings – Two Hundred and Fifty Years of Tea and Coffee’ by A.P. Herbert)

John Lentell

7th January, 1970

Saturday’s Piece

“Only an insane type of mind can erect the state into a god and make of it a fetish to swallow up the individual’s right of thinking, feeling and the pursuit of happiness.”

(From The Importance of Living by Lin Yutang, 1895 – 1976)

John Lentell

6th January 1970

Monday’s Piece

“We know, and may guess something more, of why this marvellously gifted (Athenian) race declined. Social morality grew exceedingly lax, marriage became unfashionable and was avoided; many of the more ambitious and accomplished women were avowed courtesans, and consequently infertile….”

(From Hereditary Genius published in 1869 by by Sir Francis Galton, 1822 – 1911)

John Lentell

31st December, 1969