Tuesday’s Piece

Across the fields of yesterday
He sometimes comes to me,
A little lad just back from play –
The lad I used to be.

Thomas S Jones, Jr.

John Lentell (Happy Birthday, Dickon)
Rhodesia Herald
19th May, 1971

(Photo: Dickon Lentell)

Monday’s Piece

Human beings, by and large, are not very inventive and are therefore highly imitative. Their compulsion to imitate is the basis of Fashion and in affluent societies, Fashion becomes almost totally preoccupied with the essentially useless.

(Wolf Mankowitz, 1924 – 1998)

John Lentell
Rhodesia Herald
18th May, 1971

Sunday’s Piece

There was a young fellow of Clyde
Who went to a funeral and cried;
When they asked who was dead,
He stammered and said,
“I don’t know – I just came for the ride.”

John Lentell
Rhodesia Herald
17th May, 1971

Monday’s Piece

Greatness is not mortal. The qualities which the great have to give, they give perpetually. Their gifts are taken into the pattern of life, and they appear thereafter in the fabric of the lives of nations, renewing themselves as the leaves of the trees are renewed by the seasons.

(Robert Trout, in a radio tribute to Franklin D Roosevelt)

John Lentell
Rhodesia Herald
12th May, 1971

Saturday’s Piece

A man said to the universe:
“Sir, I exist!”
“However,” replied the universe,
“The fact has not created in me
A sense of obligation.”

(Stephen Crane, 1871 – 1900)

John Lentell
Rhodesia Herald
10th May, 1971

(Fields by Carmina Lentell, 2001)

Thursday’s Piece

Better never trouble Trouble
Until Trouble troubles you,
For you only make your own trouble
Double-trouble when you do.

(David Keppel)

John Lentell
Rhodesia Herald
8th May, 1971

Monday’s Piece

We wanted Li Wong
But we winged Wille Wong
A sad but excusable
Slip of the Tong

(Keith Preston)

John Lentell
Rhodesia Herald
6th May, 1971

(Photo: Carmina Lentell)