Sunday’s Piece

“If you want to get rich you son of a bitch,

I’ll tell you what to do:

Never sit down with a tear or a frown,

And paddle your own canoe.”


John Lentell

29th November, 1970


Sunday’s Piece

“He who has a thing to sell,

And goes and whispers in a well,

Is not so apt to get the dollars,

As he who climbs a tree and hollers.”

(Advertising industry quote attributed to Henry Taunt, 1842-1922)

John Lentell

20th November, 1970


Friday’s Piece

Old lady to vicar, who was leaving with the parish:

“I am so sorry you are going. I have enjoyed your sermons so much. We never knew what sin was until you came.”

John Lentell

18th November, 1970