Tuesday’s Piece

“Oh Happiness! our being’s end and aim,

Good, Pleasure, Ease, Content! whate’er thy name,

That something still which prompts th’ eternal sigh,

For which we bear to live, or dare to die.”

(Alexander Pope, 1688-1744)

John Lentell

August 11th, 1968

Sunday’s Piece

I once asked a Mayor of Salisbury what was being done about ‘the dust problem’ and drew his attention to sidewalks in the centre of Salisbury which have remained ‘unsurfaced’ throughout my 17 years here, giving rise to all manner of problems, not least concerning health, and in front of an intelligent and large crowd he had the nerve to say “what dust problem?”. Perhaps dust is the wrong word? Maybe it should just be good old plain dirt. Anyway, for what one opinion is worth, I think it is costing us, one way or another, a lot of money.

John Lentell

August 8th, 1968

Saturday’s Piece

“All love at first, like generous wine,

Ferments and frets until ’tis fine;

But when ’tis settled on the lee,

And from th’ impurer matter free,

Becomes the richer still the older,

And proves the pleasanter the colder.”

(Samuel Butler, 1612-1680)

John Lentell

August 7th, 1968