Soup du jour

In his time, John’s piece for the day absolutely aroused a wide spectrum of opinions and occasional emotive reaction. See LD’s memory for some insights.

Just so you know, I decided early on in this publishing venture to post every single “piece” I have, in the chronological order they were published originally. I’m not applying any editorial selectivity (which inevitably would reflect my subjective opinion, whatever that may be in this day and age and personal circumstance).

I started out being selective but quickly found myself in a moral dilemma – who was I to decide which “piece” might be interesting or worthy. John absolutely would have disapproved. I wrote a post about it early on.

So, please accept and be happily provoked by whatever comes each day, just as it happened in print 40 odd years ago. If nothing else, John would have enjoyed being provocative, in the purest sense.


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