Sunday’s Piece

A member once went out to raise funds for a new church. In one home which he visited, a member of the church refused to give because he felt the church was costing too much. In reply the canvasser told the following story:

“About twenty five years ago a son was born to me. From the moment he came into the world he was an expense. First it was hospital care, toys, food. Then it was music lessons, books and shoes. Later it was allowance for movies, dances and dates. Finally, he went to college and my expenses mounted. ¬†Sometimes I thought the boy was costing me more than was necessary. At about the time he was ready to graduate from college, my son was infected with a grievous disease and died.”

The speaker paused to clear his throat, then he continued quietly, “You know Bill, that boy has not cost me a cent since. Not one cent.”

John Lentell

25th December, 1968

2 thoughts on “Sunday’s Piece

  1. Oh my gosh. This lays it all on the line, doesn’t it?

    A good friend is struggling financially. Her husband lost his job, and they may lose their house. They need a half-million dollars to dig out of their hole, and are likely to declare bankruptcy. But they have four healthy, happy, remarkable kids, including a terrific 12yo son.

    Their neighbors are quite wealthy. And they have a 12yo son who has laid in a coma for a year as a result of a head injury incurred while skateboarding without a helmet.

    The neighbors would give anything to lose their house and all their worldly possessions, and get their son back. And my friend, about to lose her house, wouldn’t change positions with them in a million years.


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