Friday’s Piece

We all know there will be an overwhelming ‘Yes’ vote for the Republican issue but the stated unwillingness of Government to resign in the face of a ‘No’ vote on the Constitutional Proposals clearly indicates that it is not the ‘be and end all’ solution that the Rhodesian Front would have us believe. I will vote against the Proposals because I find them gravely disturbing, inadequate and far removed from ‘true-blue’ Rhodesian concepts. But neither am I satisfied with the 1961/65 Constitution. The need for something in keeping with Rhodesian standards is desperately urgent and a ‘No’ vote will at least precipitate the preliminary political reshuffle and dislodge from their perches some very important mugwumps. Logic dictates that it would also dislodge Mr. Smith but there is very little logic left in that quarter.

John Lentell

(Friday) 13th June, 1969

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