Saturday’s Piece

“Shall Sarum always crouch beneath

Some Boroughmonger’s rod?

Or shall we still subservient be

To petty tyrant’s nod?

Indignantly forbit it all,

Forbid it, hearts so true,

And shew us, at your country’s call,

What Sarumites can do.

We’ve scorned corruption – scorn’d to bend

At Baa’ls shrine the knee;

We’ll quell opression in her might;

We’ve sworn we will be free.

The great, the good, throughout the land,

Extol the deeds we’ve done,

And call us to complete the work

We’ve gallantly begun.

Then rise, Reformers, Sarum’s friends!

Stand forth, ye tried and true,

And show us, at your city’s call,

What Sarum’s men can do.”

(In imitation of New Cornish Reform Song – “One and All”)

John Lentell

12th August, 1969

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