Monday’s Piece

The boat-rockers are the people who fiddle. The people who fiddle money or its equivalent out of the country – out of Rhodesia. It is almost a national pastime. Which perhaps explains why, to my knowledge, not one man-at-the-top has so far raised a voice in warning or protest. Of what worth is the “Good Old Smithy” waffle when at every opportunity a few more quid (sorry – dollars!) are added to the external stockpile – Johannesburg – Geneva – London -Where-have-you?. The pastime is widespread, we all know about it, it stinks and those who indulge in it stand in the shadow of Gahaller and Nicholson. Customs should examine the people going out at least as thoroughly as they examine the people coming in.

John Lentell

28th February, 1970

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