Wednesday’s Piece

“Living with someone when you are in love with someone else seems to me the essence of prostitution – and when he is your husband it is worse, because there is no escape. I lie rigid and try to make my mind a dark blank and remind myself that it is right and proper and that this is what I am here for. And the loneliness goes out of everything and I fell ill….”

(From ‘Letter for Tomorrow‘ by Rosemary Ross Skinner)

John Lentell

22nd April, 1970

One thought on “Wednesday’s Piece

  1. The book you refer to is my all time favourite. I first discovered it in the 1960’s and wrote out some of the beautiful phrases. I’ve tried to find out about the author but have found nothing. I wonder why the book is written about by J and G Lentell.
    Thank you.
    Elaine Finne


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