Wednesday’s Piece

A young lady, with a touch of hay fever, took with her to a dinner party two handkerchiefs, one of which she stuck in her right bosom.
At dinner she began rummaging to right and left in her bosom for the fresh handkerchief. Engrossed in her search, she suddenly realised that conversation had ceased and people were watching her, fascinated.
In confusion she murmured, “I know had two when I came.”

John Lentell
Rhodesia Herald
24th August, 1971

(Photo: Briony & Kit, London 2019)

One thought on “Wednesday’s Piece

  1. My dad, a chef and a Greek immigrant, put lentil soup on the family meal plan once a week, consistently on Wednesdays, the legume day in most traditional Greek homes. Fish on Fridays, beans on Wednesdays, was a sort of unspoken mantra. That I and my sisters wanted nothing to do with that simmering pot is besides the point. Our young American palates wanted all the things my parents thought would forever disengage us from being Greek: pop tarts, twinkies, cheese wiz and all the other “foods” that were part of the Space Age. Lentils were forced upon us, and we had to finish every last pulse in the bowl.


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